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Our advertising rate card is given below. Please contact us if you are interested in placing an ad.

SedonaCyberLink – (928) 399-0509

email: advertise@SedonaCyberLink.com


Website Advertising

Rate Card

Effective: April 5, 2012

Base Display Rates[1]




125px X 125px

468px X 60px


300px X 250px

Top Right

468px X 60px


1 Week





1 Month





3 Months





6 Months







Terms & Conditions

All Sedona Cyber Link (SCL) rates in this document are subject to change at any time and without notice. Forwarding an order implies acceptance of the rates and conditions published in this rate card. Failure to make an order correspond with the prices or conditions published in this rate card will be regarded as a clerical error and publication will be made without further notification. The base rate carries no page or position guarantee. No insertion dates can be guaranteed. Reproduction material and graphic design ordered or required by advertisers will be charged to the advertiser. Material supplied by Advertisers or agencies not claimed within 30 days following the date of insertions will be disposed of. Return of hard copy of photographs, logos, films or other material will be made only on receipt of a written request.

Proofs are submitted only on the written request of the advertiser. If a proof is not returned in time for publication, it will be considered approved. Unless otherwise agreed, all texts are published in English. Translations will be charged at cost. Liability for errors in composition is limited to the cost of the space of the advertisement. Invoices unpaid within 60 days of billing date will be charged a monthly penalty of 1.5%. Claims for credits must be made within 8 days after date of billing. Claims concerning the reproduction quality will not be accepted when proofs are not supplied by the advertiser. In case of an SCL error involving an advertisement, the advertiser should notify SCL, in writing so immediate corrections can be made. Where advertisement copy is supplied late, SCL may still publish the advertisement, although the Advertiser will be liable to pay in full for all impressions or space ordered if any under-delivery is due to such late supply.

SCL shall not be bound by notice of stop orders, cancellation or transfers of advertisements booked for insertion in special or specified positions received less than 7 working days before the date of insertion or less than 4 working days before the date of insertion for advertisements in unspecified positions. No contract is valid beyond 12 months from the date of first insertion. Space may not be bought by two or more advertisers in combination. Advertisers and agencies have checked and warrant that the advertisements do not violate any law or regulation applicable in any country nor infringe any third party’s right nor constitute a tort. Advertisers and agencies shall hold SCL harmless of all resulting claims and consequences. Any litigation relative to advertising published in the Sedona Cyber Link, or the foregoing regulations, shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of the state of Arizona in the USA.SCL reserves the right to refuse any advertising and to cancel contracts, for any reason, at its sole discretion.

[1] All values given in U.S. dollars – Conversion to other currencies will be based on spot rate on day of transaction.