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Fight the Fiat

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American economic reconstruction, grounded by the true gold standard, would lead to a resurgence of rapid growth, empowered by renewed confidence born of market expectations of a stable long-term price level. With American leadership, other nations would follow. …

Cyber Security for the Rest of Us

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Jane Ginn is available to speak to your club or agency on how to secure your computers and networks to avoid being victimized by cyber crime. ¬†She outlines in clear, understandable terms what the current risks are and how you can manage your systems to protect yourself, your family and…

Project Wadi Attir: Sustainable Desert Community in the Negev Desert in Israel

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The groundbreaking ceremony, attended by many dignitaries of the Bedouin community, government donors, and private sponsors was the official start of the project. Here you can download a project update. …