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Global Sustainability Seminar

by Jane Ginn

Dr. Stefan Sommer of the College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences at Northern Arizona University (NAU) holds a Global Sustainability Seminar each year.  He brings in specialists from many of the different NAU colleges and he also brings in a few business professionals that can contribute to the program’s learning objectives.  I’ve had the opportunity to be included as part of this seminar series for the past 2 years.  My presentation is in his ‘Economics’ section and is entitled: Fair Trade in the Global Economy.

If you are interested in seeing my PowerPoint for this class please contact me at jane (at) sedonacyberlink.com.  You’ll see that I am referencing some of the key theoretical, conceptual and institutional frameworks of the globalization agenda and illustrating how the special trade category known as “fair trade” fits into this bigger picture.

Jane with Burmese Children

Jane Ginn with children in Burma [Mynmar