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Bali: Travel on the Island

On a recent trip to Bali I was fortunate enough to have a driver that shuttled me and my party around the island.  This was helpful, because the roads are narrow and crowded and extremely dangerous.

Balinese man with flowers.

Warasana from Ubud

He managed to cope with these conditions without being flustered or becoming frustrated.  I’ve seen this same attitude towards driving under hazardous conditions in so many places around the world…..Especially where these driving conditions are standard fare.

But beyond the obvious white knuckle effect of the experience, there are also some very grim statistics about the road carnage from such poor transportation, educational and institutional infrastructure.

The short video I’m publishing today provides some of the data on deaths and injuries on the island of Bali during the first part of 2011 and argues that the Indonesian government in Jakarta should really consider focusing more resources on improving this infrastructure. The three recommendations I offer at the end of the video can be attributed to the Jakarta Post, a regional newspaper that recently documented some of the road carnage in Bali.