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A Four-Part Course on Sustainable Globalization

Recently several of my readers have asked me to put together a course that outlines some of the issues associated with sustainability and international business.  transparent earth imageI reflected on this challenge for some time and came up with an approach.  I’ll integrate the material I’ve been using in teaching in various venues into a single 4-part course that gives an historical background on the trade and financial liberalization agenda, a high-level overview of the theoretical basis upon which global trade is based, and an outline of the key institutional frameworks that have been used.  But, beyond that, I’ll integrate some of the key technological developments in telecommunications, the Internet and transportation, the implications of financial sector liberalization, and, finally what new innovations are addressing the democratic implications, income disparity, job migration, and environmental impacts of what Dani Rodrik called “hyperglobalization.”

I’ve now developed a detailed outline that covers the following:

101: Introducing the Basic Framework for International Trade

201: Follow the Money-The Framework for Financing Trade Transactions

301: Technology & Trade-Advances in Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics

401: New Innovations & Sustainable Globalization

Course Design LogoIn this final section I’ll be covering such issues as the global progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the growth in social enterprises and social businesses, how to become a B-Corp, how companies are developing targeted products for Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) buyers around the world, how to engage in fair trade and special trade practices, and how trends in impact investing are changing the world we live in.

I’ll be offering the course as an online series through the platform: Udemy.com – This will allow me to use various video formats, PowerPoints, PDFs, and other formats for easy online access.  Each class will be comprised of four sections, each lasting about 15 minutes.  Within each of the sections I’ll include links to many free online resources that will prove useful for doing international business, finding resources or financing projects.  Where appropriate, I’ll integrate my New Silk Road series materials to illustrate key points in the sustainable globalization agenda.

Stay tuned.  I’ll provide updates on my progress here!