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HERO Appeal

Below is an eMail I received from the Founder of Humanitarian Efforts Reaching Out (HERO), the medical non-profit that I featured on May 26, 2010.  They are currently in the field in Indian at a Tibetan Refugee camp.  As you can see, they’ve had many more people come to the clinic than they had planned for.

Respond if you can.

Hello HERO supporter, this from Dr. Julie, from the camp:

I want to send a personal message on behalf of HERO and the refugees.  We are privileged to be serving in an remote Tibetan refugee camp in central India.  The people here are some of the poorest I have ever seen.  They are barely able to survive and they are dying everyday of simple,treatable diseases.  We have been able to help many people and would like to help more.  If we could appeal to everyone to assist us with our mission we would be most grateful.  You can be a part of this tremendous work by sending a donation.  Help us to save lives.  The people know that behind the HERO team of 14 lies an Army of generous supporters.  Thank you for your commitment to this project and to responding to this urgent plea for help.

Dr. Julie

For updates, and to help with a donation, please visit http://www.heroefforts.org/help

Many Thanks to you who have recently donated toward this additional $7,000 needed to treat the so many more people seeking treatment, about 3 times as many people as expected have come for medical treatment!

Your action today, with donating and spreading the word to others, makes a difference in the lives of many.  Thank you for helping HERO to help the many, many people arriving today!