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Water Sustainability – Haiti Has Been Thirsty For Years

Continue to pay attention, and the truth will set you free. As I launch into my 2nd half century on our planet, in this body I call James, I was asked to blog on water as it pertains to the Haitian dilemma. Thanks, Alma, for offering me the opportunity.

This tiny island country is experiencing acute shortages of all basic needs, especially water. I’ve been reading about solutions-based endeavors that are attempting to deliver hydration to the millions of thirsty in Haiti. It seems, though, that many Haitians are still in search of quench. How is that possible, ten days after?

I ask that all readers reflect on a most powerful editorial posted today on The Lancet website: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2810%2960110-9/fulltext

Until we actually walk in the shoes of another human being or culture, our perspective towards that person / society is filtered through our own experiences, opinions and perceptions. We label it right or wrong, good or bad, rich or poor, rather than simply accepting that it’s different, and it’s okay. The trauma of Haiti and its people is beyond true understanding, especially when witnessing it via the media, while food, water  and a venti bold are within my grasp. Yet the suffering in Haiti, as well as many other countries, is a not recent situation.

Mama Nature has stepped in with a massive earthen shift as a wake up call to humanity. We must discover our true nature, that of sharing and compassion, rather than taking and ignorance. I very much appreciate the efforts of NGOs big and small; I’m glad that governments around the world are trying to help. Yet if motivations behind these efforts have more to do with political protocol or competing for charitable dollars, then we as the collective human species are missing the mark.

I am very optimistic about our future on this planet. Eventually, we will come to realize that all living beings deserve a sustainable existence. Firstly, though, political and religious enterprise must be founded upon cooperation rather than divisiveness. The people of Haiti will survive and revitalize, although the pain and suffering will linger indefinitely. How can I be of service today? Lets allow our collective humanness be our guide.

Photo source:  http://christtherockglobal.wordpress.com