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Water Sustainability — Women, Water and Passion

My guess is that the desire for a greener front lawn would quickly diminish if one had to walk a mile to fill 2 buckets with water. Fact is, an incredible number of women and children in the developing world do exactly that every day.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is a special financial agency of the United Nations formed in 1977 (www.ifad.org). It’s primary objective is to eradicate rural poverty in developing nations. WomanWithChild

Their December 2007 report, Gender and Water, details startling facts about the daily difficulties faced by poor women, who often are primary care-givers, bread-winners, and heads-of-households. I encourage any person seeking awareness of the tribulations of one-third of the global population to read this document (http://www.ifad.org/english/water/documents.htm — then scroll down page to ‘Publications’ section). Now, I have friends in this country who are single moms, and I find their resourcefulness and fortitude to be a gift I do not hold; maternal instinct is a driving force no male will ever wield or understand. Yet add societal indifference, risk of violence and lack of consistent water access to the mix, and we have the makings of catastrophe.

As a very young person, certainly pre-teen, I remember asking myself questions– who am I, why was I born, what am I doing here—queries that went unanswered, mainly because I feared to voice them. Today I recognize my lofty place on this planet. Whether by chance or karmic evolution, I was born into the economic top 5% of the global population. And I also showed up male. Like most of my societal brethren, I followed a well defined path; stayed within the boundaries. As life would have it, though, significant personal challenges ultimately energized my process of WAKING UP, and my journey veered onto its current course. Rather than utilizing my social status and business acumen to protect my position, I choose instead to leverage these assets, participate in elevating people’s lives and. hopefully, realize the answers of my childhood.

My passion is water and revolutionizing its global distribution. I desire to positively impact the lives of the less fortunate by ensuring their access to clean water. The first step towards change is awareness, especially in geographic locations where water is abundant. The carefree perception that hydration is limitless must be vaporized and replaced with H2O reverence. If it comes in a bottle, enjoy the thirst quench, and honor that experience by recycling with fervor. If it arrives via the tap, charcoal filter all spouts and don’t waste a drop. Learn the many ways to conserve water– make it a daily devotion. I guarantee that it feels good to do so, and our shared focus and efforts can bring about  prodigious results.

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