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Water Sustainability

WashingClothesThere exists a myriad of ways for people to express water consciousness.  The intention of this blog-space is to raise water awareness– to present both the subtle and blatant aspects through which water impacts life. The hope and goal of this endeavor is to guide readers to adjust attitudes and habits towards our life-sustaining H2O.  It’s a shared responsibility in which we all must participate. The results, ultimately, are limitless.

Within all the global issues we face today—economic, environmental, humanitarian, political and social—water permeates each of these in a very significant way. In developed cultures around the world, these major concerns are noticed (or ignored) by the individual– certainly commented upon– while reaching for our thirst-quenching water from a bottle or the tap. At the same time, the United Nations Development Programme HDR 2006 Report (www.hdr.undp.org/undp2006) estimates over one billion people do not have safe, easy access to water for hydration and sanitation. What possibly can be done?

By categorizing the macro-themes mentioned above, and providing clear examples of how one person engages with water in their daily lives, it is possible to highlight where shifts in practice can bring about expanded awareness and reduced usage.

Great thanks and appreciation go to Jane Ginn, founder of Sedona Cyber Link, for providing this venue. I am hopeful that my best efforts will emulate the honor I feel in receiving this opportunity.