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Beacon of Creativity and Artistry

For those readers from outside of the U.S., Sedona, Arizona is known by many who travel here as one of the most beautiful towns in the U.S. – The red rocks, sitting at the edge of the Mogollon Rim of the Colorado Plateau, are stunningly beautiful.  Because of this ubiquitous beauty, it has become a Mecca for artists and creative people from many different cultures.  It could even be considered to be the creative capital of the U.S.  As a resident, I have had the great, good fortune to get to know some of the people of this creative community.  I interact daily with graphic artists, sculptors, actors, writers, healing arts practitioners, and even chefs that treat their business as an art form.  Creativity is alive and well in this little corner of Northern Arizona.

So why would I, someone that usually writes on issues related to global business, be focusing this article on the creativity and artistry of the people in the local community?  It is because I see that the life and the spirit that is being preserved in Sedona can be a beacon of light for people in communities all around the world.  AboutAnchorThe forces of globalization have had the unfortunate effect of standardizing the urban landscape.  Also, the mechanization of the production process, coupled with the compartmentalization of the office workspace has led to a numbing of the human mind and spirit.  Examples of places and people that have escaped from these numbing effects serve as reminders that there is an alternative way of being and way of living in the world.

The more I travel, the more I see the potential in all the people and places that I visit.  The arts and crafts and musical and theatrical traditions that are being kept alive in many villages and cities around the world are a testament to the resiliency of the human soul.  There is a link to the commercial agenda that plays itself out in the form of consumerism and trade, and it is this underlying creativity that I speak of.  This is the purpose of SedonaCyberLink; to keep this spirit alive, and to serve as a vehicle for communicating it, just like a node in a neural network, to others that thrive on artistry and creativity.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to dance. Be a beacon of light.

One Response to Beacon of Creativity and Artistry

  1. otherdiscovery

    October 18, 2009 at 3:20 am

    Hi Jane,

    Love the observations, aspirations and intentions of this post and your blog!

    Recognizing the wonder and creativity in our own community is a so important, particularly as you suggest their representativeness of our wider community. Discovering an supporting those 'others' closest to us is a wonderful gift.

    Love your actions of thinking globally and acting and supporting locally!!

    Scott (@otherdiscovery)